Welcome to the website of the Secondary Library of the European School Brussels IV!
Our library is open on every school day during teaching hours.
You can find books in French, English, Dutch, German, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Estonian and Croatian; journals (in French, English,...); CD-Roms and DVDs. In order to facilitate the documents research, students can use the online resources mentioned below.

The students of the Secondary school can come in the library alone or in groups to do their research, to read and borrow books and do their homework set by teachers.

In order to promote the love of reading and books, the library also prepares book exhibits on different topics, presentations of online resources, meetings with writers or storytellers, participation in the Farniente price.

 If you wou like more information or need to extend a book, please contact the librarians at the following address: Stephanie and Cécile will be happy to answer to your questions and assist you in your research.

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Educational Sites
BrainPop (EN)  (US english version)
Portal for websharing information, documentation and exercises
The library catalog





Welcome to the Primary and Kindergarten Library of the European School Brussels IV!

Our library is open on every school day during teaching hours. It contains books in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Croatian, Estonian and Spanish; magazines, newspapers and DVDs. Students may use the library catalogue (Oliver) on the computers provided by the library to help them with their research.

The library is part of the pedagogical project. Every class of Primary and Kindergarten  class visits the library regularly. They are accompanied by their teachers. Every pupil is allowed to borrow books.

Our aim is make children love books and reading, and so we always read a story for the little ones and organize several activities a year (book fair, visits of authors, book week…).

We will keep you informed about the library and the projects that are being launched.

For further information, please contact:






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