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Tel: 02/340 1390

Public Transport:
Metro 6 to 'Bockstael', then bus 53 to 'Ecole des Cadets' or a 10 minute walk.
Tram 3 or 7 to 'De Wand', then bus 53 to 'Ecole des Cadets'.


In Secondary school there is a possibility for the students to rent an individual locker.The lockers will be used for the storage of clothes, books and other equipment needed. It is also important to store personal items which arenot allowed to be used during the school day:

  • Mobile phones
  • TV-Games
  • Cameras

Due to budget restrictions the school has no means to purchase lockers in beforehand. To manage the situation the Education Council has agreed on a system where students sign up for renting, and paying the whole sum for Secondary school when they begin in S1. This means a lump sum of 140€ (20€ * 7 years).

If the student leaves school earlier the refund will be 20€ per whole school year remaining. For students coming in later, the lump sum will be 20€ per remaining year in Secondary.

For students already in Secondary school, there will be a similar reduction from the 140€.

S2       140€ – 20€ = 120€
S3       140€ - 20€ - 25€ = 95€ (S2 students have paid 25€ for the second year).

Lost property


Enrol 2012-13
Enrol 2013-14

Learning Support & SEN

Many pupils experience difficulties at some point during the time in school. In order to help pupils fulfil their potential the European Schools offer a variety of different kinds of support.

Learning Support:
These classes are designed to help our pupils overcome short term difficulties, for example with a subject or even a topic. Learning Support can be given to pupils in any subject in years 1-5 and in exceptional cases, for example for new pupils, in year 6. Learning support is provided on a semester basis on the recommendation of the teacher and take place either during the school day or more usually on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. The LS coordinator will request recommendations for LS classes in late September. Classes will be formed where there are at least three pupils and priority will be given to pupils with failing grades.
Rattrapage/Catch up classes:
These lessons are provided for new pupils, who have been assessed as needing extra support. They are available in L2 French, German and English and are taught to small groups, homogenous classes (where numbers permit) or in the case of older pupils in the Language Centre. The language section coordinator organises these lessons and the Educational Advisor informs the parents if their child needs this help. In the first year of “rattrapage” it is this mark that counts towards promotion and pupils can take part in these classes for their first two years in the school.
SWALS (Students without a language section):
These pupils can be given extra lessons, where necessary, to help them cope with any language difficulties they may face in non-mother tongue classes. The SWALS coordinator informs the subject teachers of any “SWALS” in their class, checks on their progress during the year and where necessary organises extra support.
SEN (Special educational needs):
Where a pupil has a long term learning difficulty it may be helpful to provide individual support. In this case an agreement is drawn up between the school and the parents setting out the exact provision of help for pupils who are unable to follow the normal curriculum. This is done following a meeting of the advisory group (teachers, parents, the Inspector if appropriate, and any specialists involved) and is dependent on the assessment provided in a full psychological report. SEN pupils can follow the mainstream curriculum and can be assessed with their class to see if the required standard has been reached. In such cases the pupil can be ‘promoted’ at the end of the school year. However, for some pupils the curriculum has to be radically adapted and ‘promotion’ becomes impossible. In such cases pupils can be allowed to continue to accompany their class and ‘progress’ through the school and a certificate can be issued stating the courses followed.
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