Dear pupils, parents and teachers,
It is with great pleasure, excitement and joy that I start this new school year in my position as the second Deputy Head of the Nursery and Primary cycles of the European School Brussels 4 and to be connected to the exceptional community of this school.
Having worked now for more than a week, I can already sense the excellence of people working here. Brilliant teachers and supportive staff have been preparing the classrooms for many days, making sure that everything is ready for our pupils to arrive on Monday, the first day of this academic year. They have the great pleasure of being teachers to our pupils for the year, who will be fulfilled with success, positive experiences, emotions and interaction.
We are eagerly looking forward to Monday to see the arrival of our bright-eyed and excited pupils.
I wish you, dear pupils, parents and colleagues, a school year in which the pleasure of learning will be highlighted and shared between the school and the family.
Deputy Head