CONSEILS A SUIVRE POUR UNE BONNE UTILISATION DE CETTE LISTE :                                                                                                                                                                      
Il s'agit d'une liste générale; elle contient les manuels pour tous les cours et toutes les sections confondues.
Certaines matières indiqueront leurs manuels en septembre.
- Regardez dans la colonne "Section" et trouvez votre section.
- Attention ! N'oubliez de regarder aussi toutes les lignes de la section "ALL" ainsi que la partie "L2/L3/L4/L5" qui correspond aux cours einseignés dans d'autres langues.
- En cas d'erreur, d'hésitation ou de manque d'information, vous pouvez contacter votre professeur responsable du cours ou le coordinateur de matière mentionné.

This is a general booklist and contains the books for ALL courses and ALL Sections.
- Some subjects will not know their books before September.                                                                                                                                          
- Find your section. Make a note of all books required.                                                                                                                                                                                      
- Then go to bottom of the chart and see all L2 /L3 /L4 /L5 books required.                                          
- In case of error or missing information, you can contact your teacher or the subject coordinator shown in the third column.

Update 01/07/2019: change of ISBN number in S2 list, English L3 (highlighted in green)

Update 15/07/2019: Art Supplies
​You will notice that the list is from 2018-2019. The 2019-2020 list is the same, except for the following:
- The pack also consists of 2 x Paint flat brushes 6, 12 (pinceau plat synthétique 6, 12)

- 1 x pack 10 coloured markers Pen 68 Stabilo (étui chevalet de 10 feutres Pen 68 Stabilo) *S1- S5 only (instaed of S1-S3)

Update 29/08/2019: change of ISBN number is S6 list, Spanish L4 (highlighted in pink)
(if you have already bought the other (wrong) book and cannot return it, then the teachers will provide photocopies of the correct book to your child).

BOOK LIST S1     +    Art supplies / matériel Art

BOOK LIST S2     +    Art supplies / matériel Art

BOOK LIST S3     +    Art supplies / matériel Art

BOOK LIST S4     +    Art supplies / matériel Art

BOOK LIST S5     +    Art supplies / matériel Art

BOOK LIST S6     +    Art supplies / matériel Art

BOOK LIST S7     +    Art supplies / matériel Art

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