The Secondary School at EEB 4


Welcome to the secondary school of the European school of Brussels IV!

The secondary school opened in September in 2010 with 72 students in S1 only. Since then we have grown rapidly, and we expect the numbers to grow year by year until S7. For the academic year 2012/2013 we have 450 students and 14 seconded teachers.

Establishing a new school is indeed a challenge. It is an act of balance between drawing on the experiences of good practice from the older European Schools, and at the same time creating our own school identity, shared by all stakeholders. We recognise the importance of listening carefully and building up sustainable structures, adapted to support learning for an ever-changing world. From the vision for the whole European School system comes the phrase:

We believe that in a climate where respect and trust are manifest, the learner's capacity to become both academically competent and socially responsible is maximised.

As we plan for the students at Brussels IV, we build on four guiding principles:

1. Sustainability: the need for our plans and structures to stand the test of time. This challenges us to set realistic goals, to manage our time well and to accept our social and environmental responsibilities in an increasingly globalised world.

2. Holistic. Holistic Education considers the needs of individuals in terms of their intellectual, emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual potential.

3. Reciprocity. By contrast with holistic, which focusses on an individual's needs, reciprocity  emphasises  interdependence. It recognizes that learning is social, and it requires us to reflect upon our role in the relationships that constitute our school.

4. Transparency. Transparency exists when there is a free exchange of ideas, when the disclosure of information is timely and accurate, and when the rules and reasons behind regulatory measures are fair and clear to all.


I wish you a warm welcome to the European School of Brussels IV - Laeken!

 David COLE

Deputy Director; Secondary